Korean Sign Language is now an official language in South Korea

"Korea Deaf Association Inc. established an initiative to the enactment of the fundamental law of Korean Sign Language in September of 2008. And eight years later, on the last day of 2015, the bill has passed the National Assembly."

"The National Assembly met in the 31st and passed Korean Sign Language Standard Policy, Sign Language Bill, Korean Sign Language Bill, Sign Language and Deaf Culture Standard Policy which is merged as Fundamental Law of Korean Sign Language.
The proposal consists of the national and regional policy and the enactment for education of Korean Sign Language, promoting and distributing information to create a better environment to use KSL. Every five years Korean Sign Language Improvement Planning and every three years, research and investigation of the use of KSL for the deaf need to be conducted.
Also, to preserve and improve KSL, it needs to be researched continuously and there needs to be an educational environment where the disabled person can learn KSL early on. To promote KSL, public organization, and KSL related corporations and organizations are to be assigned as the KSL educational center and their operation will be financially supported."
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Interview with Deafula... alias Peter Wolf

Deafula was the first (and probably only) horror film shot using American Sign Language. This is the only film ever to be released in the Signscope format. Over the years it has developed a following as a cult film due to the use of sign language and no spoken dialog.

Check out this interview with the director, writer and actor of the movie, Peter Wechsberg, under the pseudonym Peter Wolf.

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