How to meditate (BSL)

for all Sign Language Corner readers with this useful tool for the future: 

a simple breathe meditation - in British Sign Language.


For a deaf son - full documentary

"When Thomas Tranchin was one year old, his parents discovered he was profoundly deaf. His father, a filmmaker, produced this program (in video diary format), which originally aired on PBS. 

The program tells of a family's journey through a maze of emotional, educational, political and social factors as they face life-changing decisions. Includes interviews with family members, audiologists, and others. The "speech versus sign language" conflict is documented in detail. 

Oral, manual, and cued speech approaches are outlined and supplemented with viewpoints from a variety of sources as Tommy's parents struggle to find the best way for their child in this rare glimpse into the difficult choices faced by hearing parents of deaf children."


"How to mug a deaf person"

Sign Language Interpreter's life is not easy. Be careful, what kind of information you provide to your clients :)


Deaf artists: Chuck Baird

Chuck Baird (February 22, 1947 – February 10, 2012) was an American deaf artist who was one of the more notable founders of the De'VIA art movement, an aesthtic of Deaf Culture in which visual art conveys a deaf worldview. His career spanned over 35 years and included painting, sculpture, acting, storytelling, and teaching.

Some pictures by him:


That black dress

Sign Language interpreters always wear black clothes at work, do let their face and hands to be more easily focused. 

What is their kid's opinion about their wardrobe? Here you've got one.

Original strips are HERE.


Meanwhile in Portugal...

"To raise awareness for Portuguese sign language we created a print campaign that mixed everyday gestures with the way they are interpreted by deaf people. The goal was to show how easy and familiar sign language can be."
Federação Portuguesa de Associações de Surdos (Portuguese Federation of Deaf People)


Hungarian signs

I love you / I hate you


Husband / Wife

Speaking too much

Fed up

I miss you