Arabic Sign Languages

"The Arab sign-language family is a family of sign languages spread across the Arab Mideast. Its extent is not yet known, because only some of the sign languages in the region have been compared."

"A project for a single Arabic Sign Language is underway, with much of the vocabulary voted on by regional Deaf associations. However, so far only a dictionary has been compiled; grammar has not been addressed, so the result cannot be considered a language."

The Alphabet of Arabic Sign Language, https://lifeandlexis.wordpress.com/2013/02/02/how-i-learned-arabic-sign-language/

Other languages of the region appear to not be related
Moroccan Sign Language derives from American Sign Language, and Tunisian Sign Language from Italian Sign Language. 
There are numerous local Sudanese sign languages which are not even related to each other, and there are many other Arab village sign languages in the region, such as Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language and Ghardaia Sign Language, which are not related to the national languages."
(Source: Wikipedia)